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Closeout Specials
Mini Style Dremel - Dremel-Style Mini Drill -UL approved, includes cas
Limited Time Offer
There are currently no products available for this special offer type.
Overstock Liquidation
There are currently no products available for this special offer type.
Restorable Items
Royal Bayreuth Tomato - Wonderful Royal Bayreuth Bavaria Covered Tomato Di
Big Little Book - Foreign Legion - Foreign Legion - Big Little Book -1938 published -
Star Wars Return of the Jedi - Star Wars Return of the Jedi - story book based on
Ironstone Pitcher - This is a very old Ironstone Pitcher with stains a
American Fostoria - American Fostoria stems - they are two sizes and b
Antique Collectibles for Sale
McCoy Cookie Jar - McCoy Cookie Jar - Yellow Smiley Face needs a lid.
Royal Bayreuth Black Crow Creamer - Rare Royal Bayrueth Porcelain Black Crow. This pi
Royal Family Prince Charles - Royal Family photos in the book "Settling Down" by
NormanRockwell - Norman Rockwell - large glass tumbler. Part of a "
Wedding Dish - Wedding Pedestal Covered Dish circa 1880's - this
Restoration Instructional Guides
Crystal & Glass Video - Video - Crystal & Glass Grinding Step by step g
Gift Certificate Special Offers
Gift Certificates - Buy 4 & get one FREE - Tindell's Restoration will
Paintings for Sale
Oil Painting - Children Fishing on Bridge - This painting is magnificent! The featured photo
Girl with Bird Oil Painting - The picture to the left does not do this gorgeous
Mother with Children - Oil Painting - A young mother poses with her two young children i
Cafe Espresso Painting - This painting is a perfect addition to any modern
Young Girl Holding Roses in Window - Oil Painting - The warm undertones and great detail of this oil p
Seascape with Lighthouse at Dusk - Oil Painting - This painting is very large and would be suitable
Dancing Fairies in the Forest - This gorgeous oil painting is 32 x 40 and is absol
Frame with Beveled Mirror and Gold Sculpted Relief Designs - This beveled mirror is showcased in a beautiful go
Frame - Gold Leaf Appearance with Sculpted Relief Accents - This Corinthian-style frame boasts a fern leaf pat
Abstract Art - African American Women - Bright and colorful abstract painting of three Afr
Cherry Wood Frame with Textured Relief - This gorgeous frame is full of character and incre
Classic Gold Frame with Double Rope Pattern - This classic gold frame has a double rope pattern
Renaissance Gold Frame with Cornered Medallions - This renaissance gold frame features gorgeous corn
Two Tone Brass Gold Finish with Rose Pattern Frame - This two tone brass gold finish frame features a g
Black Modern Frame - This gorgeous, black frame is perfect for anything
Gold and Black Frame with African Women - This beautiful painting is full of color and would
Mahogany Brown Wooden Frame - This is a gorgeous, modern frame and would look wo
Golden and Red Wooden Frame - This golden frame flecked with red accents set the
Large Golden and Red Frame - This large frame is golden and red and will defini
Large Blue Frame - This frame is huge and is made of a lighter blue t
Various Items
Amy Huston - Egyptian Ruins - Three 4x6 photographs of Egyptian ruins are encase
Amy Huston - Egyptian Statues - Two 4x6 photographs of Egyptian statues are encase
Amy Huston - European Side Street - This photograph captures the beauty of city living
Amy Huston - Boats in Portree Harbor - Isle of Skye - This lovely photograph captures the beauty of Scot
Geisha Vase -

This is a nice Geisha Ladies design porc

DiAnna Tindell

According to DiAnna Tindell there is no joy greater than returning an object that has been chipped, cracked or broken to its original shape and beauty. "There's nothing to match the appreciation in the owner's eyes when they first see it," said Tindell. {more}
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