Book - Oil Painting Techniques

Part of the Artist's Library Series, "Oil Painting Techniques" teaches the aspiring artist about the ever-expressive painting knife. Inside, you'll find valuable info on the different types of knives, various hand positions, basic mixing, loading and covering techniques, and numerous methods of application to create the look you're after. You might even learn a better way to load your butter knife and apply it to your toast to create amazing works of breakfast art! Paperback, 64 pages. Author: William F. Powell. Please note: a price and/or shipping discount can be applied to multiple-item purchases. Contact us via email - - for further details.
PRICE: $ 10.95   DOMESTIC SHIPPING: $ 7.50
  * Alaska, Hawaii and International buyers will receive a separate invoice for the additional shipping expense.

DiAnna Tindell

According to DiAnna Tindell there is no joy greater than returning an object that has been chipped, cracked or broken to its original shape and beauty. "There's nothing to match the appreciation in the owner's eyes when they first see it," said Tindell. {more}
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