The Hunt - very large, old, oil painting required cleaning, replacement of many "holes" in canvass with missing parts and reconditioning required. This process began with the cleaning, then the holes had to be patched with smiliar canvas grade materials, a base primer applied with an airbrush process. As base colors were airbrushed over the primed newly replaced areas, careful attention was given to regain the pattern of the canvass grain/cross thread directions. Some final hand faux finishing in oil based mediums allowed a gradual blending and feathering out into the original areas without over painting any unnecessary portions. The final result was outstanding and we were proud to have met the clients satisfied remarks. We find each oil painting a unique challenge to match that signed artist original style. This can be an expensive process due to the demands. Please join our free website and then locate our "contact us" to email for any further details from our home page.

DiAnna Tindell

According to DiAnna Tindell there is no joy greater than returning an object that has been chipped, cracked or broken to its original shape and beauty. "There's nothing to match the appreciation in the owner's eyes when they first see it," said Tindell. {more}
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