Classroom Practice examples for training aspects understanding many variables for each step towards creating a Decal Transfer for restoration or other FUN ideas. First photo is a sampling of students learning computer functions for Adobe Photo Shop. Second photo is the scanned section of a porcelain plate to create a portion for decal transfer with computer aids. Third photo is the class learning the various ways to apply the decal transfers on to various surface types. Fourth photo is the main computer guru instructor of the class - James Neathery who developed a fantastic illustrated student textbook for "dummies 101" as a great aid to the class. For more details Email: or call 615-941-5354. Look at our various training programs offered as listed from the home page of this site when you click on Class Registration and scroll. Our Published Articles, Photo Gallery, Products and Q&A section on this site are other good sources of information.

DiAnna Tindell

According to DiAnna Tindell there is no joy greater than returning an object that has been chipped, cracked or broken to its original shape and beauty. "There's nothing to match the appreciation in the owner's eyes when they first see it," said Tindell. {more}
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