Vasoline Glass Glows with black light test. Special restoration techniques required to correct damage to vasoline glass. First photo is a fan vase that had a part chipped out in the base and a crack. Second and Third Photo are of a set of bowls that required "new" scallop pedestal feet added. Fourth photo is of a plate that had an area corrected chipped out on the rim. There is a detailed article on this website under "Published articles" or Email: or call 615-941-5354 for more details. Look at our Crystal & Glass classes offered on this website under Class Registration for more details to include also our Thermal Fills class and the Salvage of Useful Parts class.

DiAnna Tindell

According to DiAnna Tindell there is no joy greater than returning an object that has been chipped, cracked or broken to its original shape and beauty. "There's nothing to match the appreciation in the owner's eyes when they first see it," said Tindell. {more}
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