Restoration Photos
Porcelain & Ceramic
Rare Nippon piece - three (3) gold footed Large size - hand painted bowl with top border rim inside/
NIPPON MORIAGE PRETZEL VASE - These (4) Photos are to illustrate BEFORE/processing/FINAL AFTER of Ni
Boehm Flowers - illustrated is a part that was molded with pink dental product to copy for a new pet
Staffordshire Figurines - an assortment of busted Staffordshire pieces requiring their own special p
Reproductions made to complete a set with every detail to include the "marks" and the inside appeara
Classroom Practice pieces as examples for training aspects understanding many variables for each ste
Crystal & Glass
Rare Venetian chandelier with broken arm. First photo shows part broken off. Second photo shows part
The two photos shown are not before/after. They are showing an close-up shot of a rare elegant stem
STUEBEN ELEPHANT - This is a grouping of (4) photos to illustrate the Before/Processes/FINAL After o
New class - Introduction to Hot Glass Flameworking Introduction to Lampworking will be presented as
Carnival Glass Pitcher - spout damaged with glass slithers and area missing. The process required a
Vasoline Glass Glows with black light test. Special restoration techniques required to correct dama
Classroom Practice pieces as examples for training aspects understanding many variables for each ste
James Neathery was born in Nashville, TN and is currently attending school in a medical program in t
Large damaged ornate frame that had been stored to allow wood damage, loss of design, cracking, miss
Intricate Design Gold Frame - Before photo with up-close view of some missing areas. Second photo s
1840's Large Portrait Frame - wood carved with several levels. First photo of some damaged areas.
Classroom Practice pieces as examples for training aspects understanding many variables for each ste
Clients have unusual request at times. For this example, we were asked to airbrush details on a bla
The before photo shows a close-up of one of many areas replaced on this slag glass lamp shade. The
This before photo is of a wrecked rare, old & valuable tea caddy. Many parts of the mother of pearl
This unusual semi-precious stone mix tiger before photo shows areas broken and parts missing. The a
Antiques Garden Show, Cheekwood Museum seminars, Association of Antique Dealers seminar at Opryland,
Oil Painting Restoration
The Hunt - very large, old, oil painting required cleaning, replacement of many "holes" in canvass w
Oil Painting 2' x 3' General Store - the restoration required the removal of some awful old touch-up
Oil Painting 2' x 2' Russian Scenic Winter Scene - Before photo: Several holes/tears in canvas and a
Oil Painting 2' x 2' Spanish Fort - the restoration required the removal of awful old touch-up paint
1800's Torn Oil Painting on canvas with multiple splits and tears. It is in need of cleaning, re-li
Seascape Oil Painting - damaged canvas with tear at top. Painting needs cleaned, conditioned, patche
Classroom Practice pieces as examples for training aspects understanding many variables for each ste
Oil Painting Class Samples
On a windy day in early Spring, I saw this family linen drying in the breeze. The sun brightened the
Carnton is an historic plantation home that served as a hospital during the Civil War Battle of Fran
Early morning is a lonely and tranquil time to visit Centennial Park in Nashville, TN. The sun, low
Along the Natchez Trace, there are many places that afford a view of the surrounding country. Much o
This hay field is situated along Pinewood Road (at the top of the picture) just east of the Leiper’s
Having outlived their usefulness, this windmill and cistern stand forgotten in the grassy plains of
One day I called my son-in-law who was recovering from surgery and said, “Charlie, it’s a beautiful
I was impressed, most of all, by the silence. The grand old trees that have lived through so much st
“Rt. 66” that first tied our nation together from Chicago to Los Angeles is fading fast in the shado
Classroom Practice for oil painting help to aid developing artist in understanding many variables fo
Training Specialist
DiAnna Tindell is the owner & founder of Tindell's Restoration Schools & Studios. She has traveled
GiGi Tindell is the V.I.P. of Tindell's Restoration Schools & Studios. She has traveled all over th
Jean Gauld-Jaeger instructs our Oil Painting for the Developing Artist. She is in the photo center o
Hot Glass Creations
New class - Introduction to Hot Glass Flameworking -About the instructor: Jose Fernando Santisteban
Perfume Bottle and Stopper created during one of our Hot Glass Flameworking workshops. The first ph
Decal Transfer
Classroom Practice examples for training aspects understanding many variables for each step towards
Nippon Johnny Appleseed blown out Large Vase was drilled for a lamp. This is a common damage to man
Graphic Art Conservation
There are currently no Before & After photos available for this restoration type.
Paper, Documents & Etchings Conservation
Cherished Large 16 x 20 damaged photo. Many areas missing all over including part of child's hand w
Paper, Documents, Etchings and other like mediums require careful handling to conserve and/or restor
Paper Conservation is a very broad expanse of types and therefore, the expertise is demanding. The

DiAnna Tindell

According to DiAnna Tindell there is no joy greater than returning an object that has been chipped, cracked or broken to its original shape and beauty. "There's nothing to match the appreciation in the owner's eyes when they first see it," said Tindell. {more}
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